For the purpose of securing a place and role - promotion, performing sports activities and pursuing other common interests in the field of sports, the Sports Association of the Municipality of Bihac was established in 1996, as a follower of the SOFK Bihać (Association of Physical Culture Organizations), founded in 1964. At the session of the Assembly of the Union 05.05. In 2015, in accordance with the obtained status of the City, the Sports Federation of the Municipality of Bihac changed its name by a decision of the Assembly, and since that date it has been called the City Sports Federation of Bihac.

The City Sports Federation is a social legal entity and is the umbrella organization of affiliated sports entities in the area of ​​the City of Bihać. Operates and operates in accordance with the Law on Sport of BiH (Official Gazette of BiH No.27 / 08), Law on Sport of the USK (Official Gazette of US Canton No: 15/10), Law on Associations and Foundations of the Federation of BiH ( FBiH Gazette No.45 / 02), the provisions of the Statute of the Sports Federation, and other applicable legal regulations.

In order to achieve common interests (public interest) in the field of sports, there is the City Sports Federation Bihać, which has 69 sports collectives, active in 31 different sports disciplines (athletics, gymnastics, cycling, body building, boxing, judo, basketball, volleyball, handball, kayak, equestrian sport, bowling, mountaineering, sport fishing, table tennis, tennis, chess, aero sport, skydiving, divers, kickboxing, dance, taekwondo, aikido, badminton, extreme sports, hat, aerobics, karate and football.

In addition to the above, the members of the Alliance have the mission and goal of representing the city of Bihac in a positive way, always emphasizing the general value of sports and other multiple features of our city. On the territory of the City of Bihac the organization in sport is reflected in the following: The City Sports Federation of Bihac is legally appointed as the highest non-governmental body-umbrella sports organization with basic functions: Sports clubs Primary and Secondary School Physical Education Educators Society, an umbrella organization for conducting school sports competitions. All competitions within primary and secondary schools are within their competence.

The Association for Sport and Recreation of Disabled Persons, the umbrella organization for disabled sports, their preoccupation is to maximize the socialization of disabled people and their involvement in sports. In these sports clubs 69 competing teams are active. Number of sports branches represented - discipline is 31. The number of registered athletes is about 2500.
In addition to the City Sports Association, care for sports competitions, sports clubs and recreational facilities is managed by the Bihać Public Holiday and Recreation Sports Facility. The public institution was established by Decision of the Bihać Municipal Council (Founder) no. 24 / 1-95 dated March 23, 1995 with the aim of maintaining and managing the property given for use by the Founder.

Assets Given by the Founder for Management and Use
LUKE Sports Hall
SRC "Rifat Zolic Gero" - "STENS"
City Stadium "Pod Borici"

The Luke Sports Hall is a sports facility built in 1983 where most of the sports and other events that are of social importance for the City of Bihac take place. The most numerous users in SD "LUKE" are sports clubs, sports schools, high school students, as well as students of the University of Bihac, and citizens. Members of the Bihac City Sports Association, sports clubs, do their training process and sports schools, the Catholic School Center organizes physical education classes for their students, and the Bihać University organizes a lecture for their students. Citizens' recreation is also held, as are matches and sporting events of sports clubs, concerts and other cultural events.
SRC "Rifat Zolic - Gero" (STENS) is a sports facility that was handed over to the Institution in 2007 by Decision of the Founder. This property contains 2 football fields, 3 tennis courts, 1 training tennis court, and in winter a skating rink. Modern locker rooms have been built as well. The Stens building has a conditional small sports hall, and smaller offices used by sports associations.

Working hours of SD "LUKE" are from 08:00 to 23: 00h, every working day as Saturday and Sunday, except for national and religious holidays.