Right of access to information

Pursuant to Article 4 of the Law on Freedom of Access to Information in the FBiH (FBiH Official Gazette 32/01 and 48/11), every natural and legal person has the right to access information under the control of the City of Bihać as a public authority, and the City of Bihać has an appropriate obligation to disclose that information unless the disclosure of the requested information has been exempted in accordance with Articles 6, 7 and 8 of the said Law.

Certain types of information such as general information about the City of Bihac, official gazettes, major decisions of the City Council and the Mayor, investment and public procurement plans, the City of Bihac's budget, decisions, competitions and the like can be obtained by interested parties at the information counter without submitting a written request.

For any other information, interested parties may submit a written request, the form of which is provided at the Citizens Service Center at the information counter. The request for access to information must include sufficient information on the nature and / or content of the information to allow the officer in charge of acting upon the request for access to information, with reasonable effort, to find the requested information, and must include the name and surname of the applicant and his / her address.
As Article 54 of the Law on Protection of Personal Data (Official Gazette of BiH nos. 49/06, 76/11 and 89/11) stipulates the obligation to take into account the provisions of the Law on Protection of Personal Data when applying the Law on Freedom of Access to Information of the FBiH The request for access to information by the party must contain both the purpose and the legal basis for the use of the personal information requested.

An officer authorized to work on requests for access to information in the City Authority of the City of Bihać, who, after taking the necessary actions to obtain the requested information, considers all facts and circumstances relevant to the resolution of the request, and makes a decision.

Decision granting full or partial access to information: information on the possibility of personal access to information on the premises of the City Administration of the City of Bihać, notification of the possibility of duplication of information and the cost of reproduction (KM 0.50 for each page of standard size exceeding the first 10 free pages and 5, 00 KM per CD for electronic documentation), enclosed copy of the requested information, when provided free of charge.

The decision denying access to information in whole or in part contains:

The legal basis for the information exemption status, including any material issues relevant to the decision, as well as consideration of a public interest factor,
Lesson on the right to complain, the name and address of the complaining authority, the time limit and costs for filing the complaint.
A decision denying access to information in whole or in part may be appealed within eight days of receipt of the decision, and the decision rendered on appeal is final and an administrative dispute may be instituted against the competent court.

Requests for access to information are submitted to the counter for submission of submissions or to the e-mail address: kabinet@bihac.org, and after being seduced and signed, they are submitted to the official authorized to work on requests for access to information.