Diaspora Office
The State of BiH is obliged and responsible to take care of its citizens wherever they are, work and live, and as a result, the Bihać City Administration has taken over, as one level of government within its jurisdiction, to fulfill its task.

The Bihać City Administration has been in existence for two years with the Diaspora Office, whose purpose was to realize and connect the city of Bihać as a local community with the citizens of Bihać who have lived and worked abroad for years. In order to improve the work of the Office, the Mayor of Bihać has appointed Alana Fajkovic as the coordinator of the Office for Diaspora, which provides hours of service to all Bihac citizens temporarily living and working abroad. By appointing a coordinator, he wants to send a message that the Diaspora in the city of Bihać has an open door in the city administration for all ideas, suggestions and suggestions, but also for solving problems if they, as temporary citizens and working abroad, have them in their daily lives.

The first task is the establishment of the Register of Persons Living Abroad, and the establishment of co-operation with associations that bring together citizens of Bihac abroad. The office is only the first step in the intention of the Bihać City Administration to connect our fellow citizens abroad with their city, and to realize the knowledge and business ideas they have in their city