Current development projects of the City of Bihać

Economic sector
Project: - Development and realization of the project "Stimulative measures for economic activities" - Increased tourist capacities and tourist offer in 15 rural households - 80,000.00 KM
Project 1.2.6 - "Promotion of the City of Bihać" - 300 pieces of promo material produced and printed; participation in 4 economic events - 10.000,00 KM
Project 1.3.1. - a) Development of business zones - Construction of an internal road 360 m long, reconstruction of intersections, and construction of storm sewers 470 m long; training of companies and management capacities; promotional activities - KM 450,000.00                               
 b) Construction of storm and sewage sewage at the C-1 (PZ Kamenica) - KM 160,000.00
Project 1.3.3. - Modernization of Golubić Airport "- continuation of infrastructure of Golubić Airport; costs of land expropriation; construction of test runway - KM 2,000,000.00
Project 1.3.4. - Geological research in the area of ​​the town of Bihać - Project of geological - exploration works in the Gate area - 100.000,00 KM
Project 1.4.1. - Incentives intended for the development of agriculture in the area of ​​the city of Bihac "- Construction permits obtained for 8 barns and other auxiliary facilities on agricultural holdings - 50.000,00 KM
Project 1.4.2. - Care program for stray dogs in the area of ​​Bihac - Reduced population of abandoned stray dogs and dogs in the area of ​​Bihac by 20% - KM 70,000.00  
Project 1.4.5. - Economic empowerment of socially and materially marginalized persons through the production of vegetables in greenhouses and livestock "- Increase of production of vegetables on farms and greenhouses by 20%; Increase of milk production on agricultural holdings by 1% - 35,000.00 KM
Project 1.5.1. - Infrastructure of tourist sites / road communications, communal infrastructure - Water supply system Orašac - Cells - Štrbački buk - 360.000,00 KM
Project 1.5.2. - Design and implementation of projects with the support of domestic and international funds - Design and implementation of projects in partnership with international organizations USAID, UNDP and others. BFC recertification achieved by 2020 - KM 400,000.00
Project 1.5.6. - Conceptual and Main Design of Road Communication for the Industrial Zone of the City of Bihac - Conceptual and Main Design - 10,000.00 KM
Project 1.5.7. - Co-financing of the project within the MEG program in cooperation with UNDP "Reduction of physical losses in the water supply network" - Implemented project activities 155.215,00 KM
Project 1.5.8. - Incentives for traditional crafts (shoemakers, tailors, watchmakers, blacksmiths and smokers) - awarded incentive funds for traditional crafts 5.000,00 KM
The social sector
Project 2.1.1. - Projects in the field of culture "- Public invitation for organizations in the field of culture (support of approx. 10 associations and organizations in the field of culture) - 15.000,00 KM
Project 2.2.1. - Development of the civil sector "- Co-financing the work of civil society associations (public call - support of approx. 10 associations) - KM 30,000.00
Project 2.2.3. - Support for marginalized groups of women in business development - City participation "Co-financing of marginalized groups of women in business development" - KM 20,000.00
Project 2.2.4. - Participation of the city with the Mosaic Foundation in financing the Youth Bank Fund - Financing of the Youth Bank Fund - KM 9,500.00
Project 2.2.5. - Adaptation of the home of MZ Type for outpatient family medicine - Equipping the premises for work in the MZ - 42.316,00 KM
Project 2.2.6. - a) Completion of the Memorial in the Serb community, Lake-Srbljani, Prekounje "- Completion of the memorial in the three Ministry of Health - 16.009,00 KM
                          b) Construction of a Memorial to the Liberation Defenders of the City of Bihac - Procedure for the Construction of a Landmark for All City Defenders - 93.675,00 KM
Project 2.2.7. - Co-financing of youth projects "- Co-financing of youth projects, council of high school students according to the signed memorandum of cooperation for 8 high schools and public invitation of about 15 beneficiaries; for 2019 in the area of ​​the town of Bihac - 15,000.00 KM
Project 2.2.8. - Organization of events significant for the city of Bihac by the end of 2019 - Co-financing the organization of events significant for the city of Bihać by the end of 2019 - program approx. 10 manifestations; co-financing for veterans' organizations - KM 62,200.00
Project 2.3.2. - Co-financing of the project Resolving Roma Problems in the Area of ​​Housing in the City of Bihac - Housing for 24 Roma Families in the Area of ​​the City of Bihać - 89.028,00 KM
Project 2.3.4- Co-financing the operation of public kitchens - "Assistance to vulnerable categories of population through co-financing the operation of public kitchens (over 400 beneficiaries) by the end of 2019 - KM 24,000.00
Project 2.3.5. - Co-financing the project "Economic Support for Mine Victims -" Provide economic and social support for 5 mine victims in the area of ​​Bihać - ASB project - 31.700,00 KM
Project 2.3.6 - Red Cross Co-financing - Red Cross Assistance - KM 45,000.00
Project 2.4.3. - Upgrading and rehabilitation of the sports hall "Luke" - funds from long-term bonds of the City of Bihac and funds of the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports "- upgraded and rehabilitated sports hall" Luke "- 2.030.000,00 KM
Project 2.4.7.- Landscaping of the park area "" Midžić mahala "" - Phase I - Landscaping of the park area - 111.400,00 KM
Project 2.4.8. - Financial support to the sports sector - sporting events "- Co-financing of sporting events - Public invitation for up to 10 events - 32.210,00 KM
Project 2.4.9. - Construction of the sports hall of the elementary school Kulen Vakuf-Orasac (funds of the Federal Ministry of Finance) "- construction of the sports hall - 150.000,00 KM 
Project 2.5.1. - Equipping of services, civil protection units - Improvement of working conditions of employees, members of units, commissioners and operational center of Civil Protection Service - KM 150,000.00
Project 2.5.4. - Reconstruction and training of the Civil Protection facility of the City of Bihac - Construction of the Civil Protection building of the City of Bihac by the end of 2019 - KM 165,000.00
Project 2.5.5. - landslides and landslides remediation "- landslides repaired - project documentation prepared, approvals obtained - 275.000,00 KM
Project 2.5.6. - Remediation of defense dams and flood protection canals "- Reduced risk of natural disasters - Preliminary and Main design of storm water drainage of the settlement of the Port prepared; Approvals obtained, approvals; Precipitated sewage network constructed - 400,000.00 KM      
Project 2.5.7. -Equipment of the Fire brigade with the necessary material and technical means, which will increase the speed of reaction and efficiency in eliminating the consequences of natural and other disasters - 175,000.00 KM
Project 2.6.1. - Financing of transportation of students - City of Bihac co-finances transportation of more than 500 students of lower financial status annually; transportation of students of secondary school from Golubić Municipality - KM 307,000.00
Project 2.6.2. - Student scholarships - provide scholarships for students - KM 40,000.00
Project 2.6.3. - Co-financing part of the cost of utility services for water supply to socially disadvantaged citizens - KM 20,000.00
Project 2.6.4. - Participation of the city in the reconstruction of the road Donji Srbljani - Srbljani - Lake reconstructed road - 50.000,00 KM
Ecological sector
Project 3.1.1. - a) Sewage and wastewater treatment project - 55% of total wastewater treated by 2019 - KM 860.767,00
                          b) Construction of a sewage network with accompanying municipal infrastructure for the City Center and part of Marshal Tito Square - KM 480,000.00
Project 3.1.2. - Construction of waste water purifiers in rural areas- DECENT- Minimum 1 plant purifier built in rural areas by 2019 - 400.297,00 KM
Project 3.1.4. - Regular inspection of health of drinking water in public and local water supply system - 30.000,00 KM
Project 3.1.5. - Creation of an internal laboratory for analysis and monitoring of water quality - Checking of microbiological correctness of water, preventive monitoring of water quality - 10.000,00 KM
Project 3.1.6. - Harmonization of the study of protection of the sources of drinking water Klokot and Privilica "- Harmonized study - 50.000,00 KM 
Project 3.1.7. - City participation in projects in partnership with domestic financial institutions - City participation in projects - KM 50,000.00
Project 3.1.8. - Flood protection - regulation of watercourses and drains - Velika Jaruga (Funds of the USK Ministry of Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry) "Project realized - KM 80,000.00
Project 3.2.2. - Procurement of equipment for waste collection - procurement of equipment for selective waste collection of auto-cleaners with attachments; two unimog vehicles; municipal tractor - KM 101.000,00
Project 3.2.3. - Construction of recycling yards - Equipping of recycling yards - KM 276,000.00
Project 3.2.4. - Population education - Minimum of 2 educational events held for target groups per year - KM 1,000.00
Project 3.2.5. - Rehabilitation of the Kruskovača landfill "Rehabilitation of the Kruskovača landfill completed by the end of 2023 - KM 57,791.00
Project 3.2.6. - Information system on quantities and flows of waste - Information system on quantities and flows of waste done - 1.000,00 KM
Project 3.3.1. - Reduction of physical losses in the water supply network - Reconstruction of the network and reduced physical loss in the network by 10% by the end of 2019 - KM 20,000.00
Project 3.3.2. - Replacement of pumps at Klokot spring - Design documentation for reconstruction and automation of pumps at Klokot spring - 20.000,00 KM
Project 3.3.3. - Installation of water meters in collective housing facilities - Reduction of apparent water losses, more accurate consumption measurement, more satisfied customers - KM 10,000.00
Project 3.3.5. - Establishment of remote control of the water supply system (telemetry) - Reduction of physical losses of water in the water supply network and energy efficiency - KM 10,000.00
Project 3.3.6. - Reconstruction and automation of the Kostela pumping station - Reduction of electricity costs, reduction of the number and costs of employees - KM 400,000.00
Project 3.3.7. - Preparation of Project documentation for the construction of the drinking water treatment plant - KM 50,000.00
Project 3.4.3. - Education of target groups on ways and importance of energy saving - Target groups educated on ways and importance of energy saving - 1,000.00 KM
Project 3.4.4. - Improvement of energy efficiency of existing buildings - Project "Wood Key" (heating in the Port Hall) - 3.540,00 KM
Project 3.4.5. - Reconstruction of public lighting - Reduced consumption by 5% by the end of 2020; co-financing the project of reconstruction of part of lighting in the city area - 300,000.00 KM
Project 3.5.2. - Demining - Reduced risk of human casualties and material damage, and increase of usable space - KM 515,000.00 
Project 3.6.1. - Development of the spatial plan of the city of Bihac - Draft proposal of the Spatial plan (activities according to the dynamics determined by the contract) - 27.846,00 KM
Project 3.6.2. - Development of the urban plan of the city of Bihac - Draft proposal of the Urban plan (activities according to the dynamics determined by the contract) - 8.565,00 KM
Project 3.6.3. - Preparation of detailed planning documentation (regulatory plans, urban projects, etc.) "Completed activities according to the dynamics determined by the contracts for drafting - KM 89.947,00
Project 3.6.8. - Cleaning of storm water drainage canals - Arrangement of watercourses and drainage canals 3 km / year - KM 80,000.00
Project 3.6.9. - Establishment and production of cadastre of municipal devices - Established records of all municipal devices - KM 20,000.00
Project 3.6.10.- Development of City Property Management Strategy - Established Register of Real Estate Property of the City with Estimated Value of the City - KM 20,000.00
Project 3.6.11.- Development of Database of Survey and Cadastral Classification (BPIKK) for 28 co- Established Real Estate Cadastre Databases and Land Registers - KM 100,000.00
TOTAL: KM 12,398,006.00