The Capital Investment Program (CIP) of the City of Bihac for the period 2018 - 2020 is a document that represents the three-year capital priorities plan of the City of Bihac and is of a public nature.
As defined by the BFC and MEG project, the largest chance for funding will be given to those local governments that present development plans rather than individual plans for additional funding, which is why the PKI should contain projects related to development plans to the greatest extent possible. The CIP is the basic and only way to obtain external funds, donations, grants and subsidies, and it does not exclude the financing of foreign sponsors from pre-accession funds, which require the existence of the Plan. The main objective of the Capital Investment Program of the City of Bihać for the period 2018 - 2020 is to harmonize development projects with real sources of financing for their realization, since the available budget funds are not always sufficient for multi-year financing of development projects.

The Capital Investment Program (CIP) of the City of Bihac defines priorities based on the Strategic Development Plan, the plans of the City Services related to public investments, Public Enterprises, Public Institutions and the Framework Budget Document (DOB), with the involvement in drafting the business community, the Economic Development Council and citizen associations. PKI enables project ranking according to certain criteria, which provides the basis for better development investment decision making and optimal allocation of development resources.
Projects for the CIP were submitted on a separate form containing seven sections: basic information on the project, relevance / objective of the project, dynamics of realization, financial plan, project documentation, linkage to other investments / institutions and description of project effectiveness.

The drafting of the PKI document involved working meetings of the informal coordination team for the PKI drafting: City Administration Services, Management of Public Enterprises, Public Institutions and the Economic Development Council, as well as electronic and written correspondence with the coordination team and non-governmental sector - citizen associations, in order to respect set deadlines and define real priorities with a realistic assumption of realization of all projects to be included in the CIP.

CIP 2018 - 2020 is a three-year plan and a revised version of the adopted CIP document 2016 - 2021, and the following criteria were used for its preparation:
- that projects which require the co-financing of the City are priority projects and projects that can be objectively implemented;
- that the project is in accordance with the planning documents of the City of Bihać (Budget, Strategy, Framework Budget Document.);
- that for the project which does not require co-financing of the City of Bihać they have provided or assumed funds from external sources (higher levels of government, international organizations, EU pre-accession funds and other sources);
- that the project is of importance to future investors;that the project promotes the economic development of the City of Bihać;
- Main development documents of the City of Bihac:
- 2018 Strategy Implementation Report
- Implementation plan for development projects for 2019
- Implementation Plan for Development Projects for 2019-2021. years
- Capital Investment Program 2018-2020. 
- GV's decision to approve the PKI Report for 2018
- Local Environmental Action Plan of Bihac Municipality  
- Urban Plan of the City of Bihac 2010-2030
- Bihac Communication Strategy
- City of Bihać Infrastructure Development Plan  
- Report on the implementation of the Capital Investments Program of the City of Bihać in 2018