The registration of the company is made by the Municipal Court - Registration Court in Bihać, with its registered office in Ul. Bosanska No.4, in accordance with the provisions of the Companies Act and the Law on Registration of Business Entities of Bosnia and Herzegovina, upon application for the registration of founders who may be domestic and foreign natural and legal persons.
Before filling in the application form in the court register, check the name of the company.

With completed application form for registration of a company (Limited Liability Company - LLC, Joint Stock Company - DD, Limited Liability Company - KD, Limited Liability Company - DNSO) containing information on the subject of registration, company, seat, legal form of the entity, right on the basis of subscription, share capital, foreign trade, activities in internal and foreign trade, authorized representatives, subsidiaries and subsidiary companies, the founder submits to the Registry Court the following documents:

• Completed registration application,
• Decision on incorporation processed by a notary public,
• Statute processed by a notary public,
• Statement by the founders and directors stating under full criminal, material and moral responsibility that they are not the founder, director or deputy director of any company in the territory of BiH,
• Certified photocopy of ID card for the founder and director (in the municipality),
• Certificate from the bank on paid-up share capital  
• Proof of payment of court fee    
• Proof of payment for the publication of advertisements  
Note: If the founder is a foreign natural or legal person, the founding act (decision or contract) shall be sent to the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH Sarajevo, together with:
• Individual - a certified copy of the identification document,
• Legal entity - court register extract where it is registered with a certified translation by a court interpreter,
• The municipal court fills in the advertisement,
• An application form for registration and a list of documentation accompanying the application are provided to the Municipal Court.
     Municipal Court - Bihać Registry Court, on the basis of complete documentation, registers a company in the court registry within 5 to 7 days from the day of filing the application.


In the joint office of the Federal Tax Administration - Department for Assistance, Education and Registration of Taxpayers and the Federal Bureau of Statistics, ul. According to the joint project of the mentioned institutions, the Bihać Aviation Groups are issued a tax registration certificate, taxpayer identification number and statistical number, and the following is required for the same:
• Submit a completed application (application) to obtain a tax registration certificate, taxpayer identification number and statistical number,
• Copy of the decision on entry in the court register of the company (the original is given for inspection),
• A copy of the founder's identity card,
• Lease of business premises,
• Company seal,
• Information about the authorized company accountant,


The company opens a giro account at one of the commercial banks on the basis of the following documents certified by a notary public or in the Municipality:
• Request to open an account (obtained from the bank),
• Decision on entry in the court register of a company - not older than 3 months if the company has previously operated (copy),
• Identification number (Tax Administration),
• Statistical number (Bureau of Statistics),
• Certificate of Settlement of Tax Liabilities (for a company that previously operated),
• Copies of ID cards of the owners and signers of the deposited signature cards,
• Certificate of Residence of the founder of the company (Cips),
• Financial statement of operations for the last reporting period (if the company had previously operated and did not have a giro account with the bank where it opened the account),
• Copy of license for foreign trade (for companies engaged in foreign trade),
• Statute of the company (as assessed by the bank; mandatory when the founders of the company are foreign nationals).